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I absolutely love this little “gem of a shop” in Durham, NH. The Candy Bar and Creamery has everything you can possibly imagine when it comes to handmade chocolates and candies, but that’s just the beginning they have so much packed into this one store.  I think I walked around the store ten times and found so many new things each time through! They have an array of chocolate candies, chocolate covered strawberries, pretzels, Oreos and everything in between. One 0f the more interesting items they have is the microbrew beer truffles. What a great gift for the beer lover in your life!
Chocolate is not the only thing you will find here. How about some handmade caramels or homemade marshmallows in various flavors.  Those marshmallows will really step up the s’more game this summer! Or maybe macaroons are your thing.  They have those too, and of course in various flavors along with several types of fudge. Recently they were featured on Chronicle highlighting the best hot chocolate in the state, but the Candy Bar and Creamery does not just offer one kind of hot chocolate…they offer 14 different hot chocolate flavors. Yes, 14!  Think hot chocolate with one of those homemade marshmallows! Yes, please!

On to my favorite part of the store…the locally made ice cream and the insane shakes they made with it! They have lots of shakes filled with all the yummy goodness you could possibly want.  A s’more shake with toasted marshmallow, a salted caramel shake or maybe you want a cupcake flavored shake, they have that too.  For Valentine’s Day, they offered a chocolate covered strawberry shake with 2 chocolate covered strawberries, shortcake, fudge and more. This is just the beginning of the shakes they offer.  Or maybe you would like a Fluffernutter Shake, a Cookie Monster Bomb Shake, a Killer Clown Shake or my favorite, a Peanut Butter Blast Shake! Yes! So many choices.  Here is a little-known secret… they have a super secret “off the menu shake list” so when you go, ask them what they have and you will not be disappointed!

The Candy Bar and Creamery specialize in sweets for parties, special occasions, wedding, events and party favors.  If you need a gift basket they can do that too. Big or small they can do it and do it well! The Candy Bar is a veteran owned and operated business that is open 7 days a week until 7 pm.
They are located at 44 Main Street in Durham NH.

While we were there speaking with the owner, he said they will be opening a new location in Dover in the mill building downtown! Stay tuned…Dover friends! You can find out more information about the Candy Bar and Creamery on Facebook. Be sure to give them a like as well.  Their small webpage is still being worked on! Be sure to check them out!



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A few weeks ago Jim and I went to the Far Out Diner at 99 Oak St. in Dover N.H. This is a funky little place, and I really mean little, they only have about ten seats but it’s not about how big they are it’s about the service and food right? When we walked in. there were only two tables open, we were greeted and had the menu right away. They also have a chalkboard with all of their specials for the day. We loved the menu! It’s not a huge menu but it’s so creative with some really fun flavor combinations.

I had one of the specials of the day and that was the Pumpkin Saucer Cake with cinnamon sugar and maple butter on top. This pancake or as they call them “Saucer Cake” was huge. I had to eat my way to just find the plate! This was one very delicious, fluffy pancake filled with the wonderful pumpkin flavor.  The addition of the cinnamon and sugar and maple butter really brought this dish together and over the top. So many delicious flavors in just one bite. This was a perfect dish on a fall day.

Jim ordered from the regular menu and had two eggs over easy, potatoes, sausage and hearty toast. Jim enjoyed his dish just as much as I enjoyed mine. Everything was cooked perfectly, seasoned well and look at that toast made with house-made bread!
The service here is friendly and attentive, our glasses were always full and our waitress checked on us making sure we had everything we wanted. Did I mention the Far Out Diner has an alien theme?

It’s a lot of fun to look around the restaurant and see everything they have collected. I see something new each time we go in. Some of the food names have the alien theme like my “Saucer Cakes”.  This place has not only good food, good service, but a great sense of humor!
Earlier I mentioned they have some fun flavor combinations so I thought I would share a couple of them.  How about a banana, Reese’s chip saucer cake? Or the Bene-don with poached eggs on a sausage patty and house-baked donut topped with hollandaise. They also make their own muffins, scones, pies, biscuits, and bread.
The Far Out Diner is closed on Tuesdays but opens the other days at 7 am.  You can get breakfast, lunch or brunch on Sundays. The diner has a Facebook page where they keep you updated with the daily specials and anything new they have going on. Give them a like on Facebook and go to find this Dover’s hidden gem, you will love it!  https://www.facebook.com/faroutdiner/



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We have been going to Patrick’s for a number of years now, it’s one of our favorite places in the Gilford NH area. My parents have a boat just across the street from Patrick’s so it’s a great spot for lunch or dinner while spending time on Lake Winnipesaukee.

We were joined by my parents for lunch when we went a few weeks ago. We got there when it opened for lunch at 11:30 and were greeted and seated in no time. For an appetizer, we ordered Barbs Onion Hooks $6.99. These are julienned onion slices, hand tossed with a light breading and deep fried with a creamy horseradish sauce. These were so light, crispy but I loved that when you took a bite of the onion all of the breading actually stays on! The horseradish sauce is the perfect compliment to the onion hooks, it adds a little bite of flavor. These were gone in no time and always a favorite.

For our main course, my parents split the Turkey Club $11.99 as all of the portions are plenty enough for two! This club sandwich is always a favorite of theirs. The turkey club has roasted turkey breast, lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayo, American cheese all on grilled bread. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? They cleaned their plate!










Jim had the Harvest Turkey Sandwich $12.00, This is always one of Jim’s favorite sandwiches to order anyplace we go but Patrick’s does an exceptional job with this sandwich with the addition of the pumpkin apple butter! What’s not to love about turkey, cranberry apple stuffing with sausage and of course the pumpkin apple butter all on a grilled Italian bread. You won’t leave the table hungry with that sandwich, not a crumb left on Jim’s plate!

Last but not least I ordered the Bistro Salad $10.99, this salad was huge! I mean really, really big with lots of great flavors and textures, you truly eat with your eyes when the salad is put in front of you.It’s beautifully made with crisp romaine, house made Caesar dressing, crumbled bacon, red onion, diced tomatoes along with Gorgonzola. This also comes with warm grilled pita slices. This was a delicious salad and because it was so big I was able to take it home and have more for dinner!

Patrick’s Pub has so much going on, they have two clubs that you can be a part of each having some great perks! They can do private parties and have many events such as ladies night, dueling pianos and so much more. You can find Patrick’s Pub at 18 Weirs Rd, in Gilford, NH. They open at 11:30 daily and of course you can see the full menu online but don’t forget to give them a like on Facebook too!




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Have all of my local friends made it to the new Gyro Spot in Dover yet? If you have not been there yet…GO! It is our new favorite place in Dover! I went the first time when they had the grand opening (we did take out as it was so crowded). Everything we had was absolutely delicious! We have since been back several times!
Let me get the basics out of the way. The Gyro Spot is located at 421 Central Ave. in Dover, N.H.  And they are open Monday through Saturday from 11 am to 9 pm. The menu is small but mighty! This amazing place serves classic Greek Gyros all served fresh and fast. They also have rice bowls, salads, soup, French fries and of course desserts!
When you walk in, you are greeted with a smile each and every time.  The smells of the meat all cooking on the revolving spit right in front of you pull you right in! Although it was quite busy on the grand opening, we were able to get in and out in no time. They really have service down and keep everyone moving!

Jim had the Chicken Gyro ($7.25) this has rotisserie chicken, their signature G-sauce, onions, tomatoes, parsley and hand cut fries, all wrapped In a grilled pita bread. You will not be hungry after eating this! Jim finished every bite and loved it. The chicken was tender and juicy, the sauce adds a kick and the well-seasoned fries add some crunch!


I had the chicken rice bowl, this is my favorite thing to get. This has a bed of house-made rice pilaf, rotisserie chicken, vegetables and of course that signature sauce! This is absolutely delicious and that sauce pulls the entire dish together with a little bit of heat! I have to confess I love this dish so much I order it every single time!


Let’s talk about these fries, shall we? ($3.75) They are FREAKING DELICIOUS! These fries are no joke, they are so crispy, so tender on the inside and seasoned perfectly with salt and some pepper! These are the same fries on the gyros but if you are like me and get a rice bowl you must, I repeat, you must get a side of the fries! These fries have been voted one of the best fries in the state and we can see why! We ordered the classic fries but they do have a couple different versions and, get this, they even offer Gyro fries. They start with a bed of fries, you can add any meat, then they add sauce and vegetables!

We are not done just yet! You cannot dine at a Greek restaurant and not have the Baklava ($3.00) This is exactly the bit of sweetness you need after enjoying lunch or dinner with some of the famous sauce they serve! This is flaky, sweet, crunchy and just delicious! And if you are too full after lunch, get some to go! They also serve Loukoumades for dessert which are fried dough balls, sprinkled with honey, powdered sugar and cinnamon. I have not tried those yet, but it’s on my list the next time we go!

You can find the Gyro Spot on Facebook as well, so if you have not stopped in, you are really missing something delicious!  http://thegyrospot.com/


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This review is going to be a little different as I will be focusing on the gluten free menu. As I have mentioned Robby has had some gut issues and going gluten free has helped.  Not only I am learning about gluten free diets, I’m also checking out restaurants that have gluten free options. I first heard about Green Leaves from my niece Becky, so I knew it would be good. The difficult thing was that it was in York, Maine about 20-25 minutes away. Not super easy to do a take out order, but I found myself in York last week meeting a friend and thought it would be the perfect time to check it out.
When I was with my friend, Amanda, I asked her if she had been to Green Leaves.  “Yes, it’s a York favorite” she said.  She and her family all love it! After hearing that, I knew I had to stop in and grab some take out for Robby and I.
Green Leaves Chinese Restaurant and Lounge is located in the Meadowbrook Village Plaza on Route 1 in York, Maine. It was about 1:30 in the afternoon on a Wednesday  and I thought I would be in and out in no time. Boy, was I wrong this place was packed! The dining and lounge were almost completely filled with people and the To Go orders lined up on the counter! Wow! That was a crazy first impression. I got to the counter and asked for the gluten free menu and I was handed the menu from Andy, the owner. Andy was a super nice guy and said people come from all over for that menu. I explained I was one of those people too! He told me that when he remodeled his kitchen he put in two kitchens to be able to offer “certified” gluten free food. How amazing! I’m still learning about gluten free, but I know there are three things to look for.  Gluten Removed, Gluten Free and Certified Gluten Free. The safest is the Certified Gluten Free, so I felt really good about Green Leaves.
I ordered two items from the gluten free Chef’s Special part of the menu. I ordered Crispy Beef with Broccoli and Sweet and Sour Chicken. These dishes do not come with a side of rice so if you want a side dish you need to order that as well. I ordered the vegetable fried rice for Robby and I to share.

Let’s start with the Crispy Beef and Broccoli ($11.95) this was my favorite dish. The beef…even after driving home for 20 minutes was still crisp but it was so juicy and tender. One of the best crispy beef dishes I have ever had, gluten free or not! Excellent dish!



Next up was the Sweet and Sour Chicken ($10.95) I was a bit nervous with this hoping that they did not put the sauce on the chicken. For a take out order, you can see they do not! See those crispy bites of chicken? Yup still crispy but, Green Leaves has been voted the best Chinese restaurant in York County for 20 years in a row and counting!

Last but not least was the vegetable fried rice ($7.95) . First I should mention the portion was big, more than enough for Robby and I. We had some leftovers for the next day! The rice had plenty of vegetables, broccoli and mushrooms galore! Over all everything we had was terrific and worth the drive. This is a place we would go to anytime we are in the area with or without our gluten free guy Robby!


This is only a small glimpse of what the gluten free menu has.  They have a sushi menu, lunch specials, a chef’s special menu that includes what we ordered along with coconut chicken or shrimp, General Tso’s chicken or shrimp, shrimp with walnut and salt and pepper chicken to just name a few things!
They have a number of fried rice options, chop suey choices, soups like chicken and rice, egg drop and hot and sour! The stir fry section of the menu is huge! All with chicken, shrimp and seafood choices. This gluten free menu goes all the way to dessert, things like green tea ice cream, fried banana’s, and mango mousse cake!

I have only given you a small glimpse of what Green Leaves has to offer from the gluten free menu.  The non-gluten free menu is even bigger! Green Leaves opens daily at 11 am and you can also checkout their website.  http://www.greenleavesrestaurant.com/

NOTE – Robby and I did not come close to finishing either dish so I have learned that the best way to re-heat Chinese food (or pizza and seafood) is to place the leftover’s on a foil covered baking sheet.  Place the baking sheet in a COLD oven. Turn the oven to 330 degrees and when the oven bell rings to say the oven is heated, that’s when you take the sheet pan out and enjoy your leftovers! I kept the sauce from the sweet and sour chicken separate and just heated that in the microwave!

Take some time out this summer and stop in and see Andy at Green Leaves!



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