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imageI recently had the chance to meet with the very impressive folks from Wiggly Bridge Distillery, a family owned and operated business in York, Maine. You’re probably wondering what a food blogger is doing in a distillery? I think I have friends in all the right places! My friend Tim pointed me in the right direction! Tim works there Tuesday night’s and gets to share the amazing experience with friends, family and locals! There is a lot happening in York, Maine and I can’t wait to tell you about it!  Wiggly Bridge started as a joke over the family dinner table. After David Woods (father) gave it some thought, he and his son, also named David Woods, went to the Caribbean on the island of Montserrat. Both of them started the trial and error process of making the best distilled liquor on the market! They soon realized their product was excellent and started the process of bringing their products to York, Maine. On July 3, 2012 they started their copper stills and in May of 2014 they had their first product.

imageLet’s talk about their award winning products.  I had the chance to meet with David Woods (father) and Amanda Woods, who is son David’s wife.  She is also an intricate part of the family business as she does the marketing for Wiggly Bridge. David and Amanda were kind enough to tell me all about how they started and where they are going, along with giving me a quick lesson on each of their liqueurs, starting with their White Whiskey. The White Whiskey is 100 proof and spends a very short amount of time inside the distilling barrel. One of their favorite drinks made with this is their “Bridge Bloody”,  their version of a Bloody Mary. Next was the Small Barrel Bourbon. This was very smooth and is 86 proof. The bourbon is aged for 22-26 months and the color comes from the inside of the charred barrels.  A great beverage to use this bourbon is in the Orange Marmalade Manhattan.

Let’s talk Vodka, this is a great tasting vodka that is distilled from french wheat. The vodka also goes through the still. Although I don’t typically drink these drinks on their own, I can say this was very smooth and certainly can stand on its own.

imageTypically, if Jim and I are out and want a drink, we both tend to get something made with rum, so this part was my favorite part of the tasting! Their White Rum is made with 100% Caribbean molasses.  It does have a slight butterscotch smell, but it certainly did not taste like it, and was very good!  I also had the chance to taste their base for the rum punch they serve. It was the best I have ever had and look forward to making it at home!

imageThe Small Barrel Aged Rum is also very tasty! This too is made from 100% Caribbean molasses. The difference with this rum is that it is has rested in their freshly dumped bourbon barrels for 6 months. Last, but certainly not least, is the Small Batch Dry Gin. I would have said this would be my least favorite but to my surprise, it was very good! The gin is made from a sour mash family recipe, with notes of jasmine and citrus that really come through . Their Rum was rated #4 from USA Today!

imageAfter tasting these spirits I can see why they have won so many awards and named in the top four in the United States! This family has already made a name for themselves in the craft distillery business.  Something the label on the bottle does not tell you about, is their drive to make products the best you will find and to continue to evolve, grow and challenge themselves to continue to be the very best!

imageNow that you know about the products, I still have a lot to tell you about this York, Maine gem!  They are going to have a lot to offer. Cribbage tournaments and bartending classes are planned to start in mid-November, with on line videos through winter!  You don’t think that’s all this dynamic family has planned, do you? No way! They are going to change the way York, Maine eats by opening a steakhouse right in the distillery.  It’s not going to be just any steakhouse, this will be a seven to nine course dinner priced at $110.00 – $130.00 per person. Much of the dinner will include table side service. This will be a reservation required dinner that you will need to pick your side dishes in advance, to help reduce food waste. They are hoping to open the steakhouse next winter (2017) or early spring. I know I want to be first in line for dinner. Seeing what they have done with the distillery, I can only imagine the amazing food that will come out of the steakhouse!

imageCheck out their website for distillery tour information along with their location, recipes and upcoming events!  You will be hearing a lot more about Wiggly Bridge, but in the meantime you can find their products in some local liquor stores or in the NH State Liquor Store. Also, the Hannaford stores in Maine, and of course right at the distillery on US, Route 1 in York Maine. https://www.wigglybridgedistillery.com/ or https://www.facebook.com/WigglyBridgeDistillery/

Visit their site to book at tour or have a tasting with their experienced staff!



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