Five Minute Panini



This is one of the quickest and easiest lunch or dinner recipes.  It can be made in just minutes using rotisserie chicken or rotisserie turkey breast from your grocer. This is a favorite and can be changed up slightly using sauerkraut (drained) instead of the coleslaw.

Roasted turkey breast or rotisserie chicken (shredded)
Coleslaw or sauerkraut
Thousand island dressing
Pepperidge Farm swirl bread

Butter one side of one of the pieces of bread and place butter side down in a panini press or skillet. Add as much or little as you like of thousand island dressing, add chicken or turkey, add coleslaw or sauerkraut, add the second piece of bread buttering the outside of the bread and place the top of the panini press down or use a heavy skillet on top of your pan pressing the sandwich down. Cook until golden on both sides turning once if using a pan.


When using sauerkraut, drain well.  I make a simple coleslaw mix using a shredded bag from my grocery store, slice one green apple and mix with your favorite coleslaw dressing. I also add a good amount of fresh cracked pepper.



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2 Responses to Five Minute Panini

  • we share the dinner responsibilities here at work (fire station) – this is the first one i’ve cooked where the guys told me they liked it, and they actually meant it. all the other meals i’ve made, i know they were just being nice.
    5 simple ingredients, no panini maker needed – just put a heavy skillet on top like you suggested – 2 thumbs up, and 5 happy “kids” at dinner time!

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